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What we do

Easy Docs


No more filling out forms or manual entry of customer data.

Our simple solution allows you to print out all the documents you need without you having to type a single thing!

BDM Link


Upload all your data to your BDM Portal with the click of a few buttons.

Take away the headache of spending hours tediously copying data. 

Just press go and enjoy the ride.

Client Master


Respond quicker to clients, provide quotes at the click of a button, schedule meetings automatically and so much more.

Take the stress out of client management

Why choose us

Developed by Celebrants for Celebrants

We are a celebrant solution that has been developed by a celebrant. We know the real problems you face and what the impacts are. 

But we're also IT developers so we've got the best of both worlds.

Because we're from your world we know what you want. We hear it from you and then we make it happen.

Simple, easy and intuitive

Our system has been designed to be so straightforward anyone can use it. 

There's no complex set-up or integrations you need to worry about. Just sign-up through the website -it takes only 30 seconds and you're away.

We also have many how-to videos to help you every step of the way.

Fully supported by a local team

Our solution is backed by a full technical team ready to help you whenever you need it.

We are also continually developing our solutions so they're always up to speed with the latest you need as a celebrant.

The Team

Anthony - Product Manager


Celebrant and Product Manager for Celebrant Easy. Anthony has performed over 300 weddings experience since being registered in 2015.

Anthony has also worked in IT for over 10 years, now he is combining his two areas of expertise to help drive Celebrant Easy forward.

Alex - Technical Lead


Alex heads up the technology part of Celebrant Easy. Alex has been working in tech and IT for years working with some of the biggest technology providers on the planet.

His exposure has led him to understand best practices, latest technology and most importantly how to deliver solutions that work.

Our Mission

Celebrant Easy was developed to solve real problems in real time. 

Every day we focus on what our clients need and what they want.

Our solutions are designed with a 'simplicity first' approach. That means if they can't be used first time by all users, then we have work to do.

We understand that as Celebrants there are many facets to your job. You are your own marketing department, sales team, bookkeeper, business manager and cheerleader. Then on top of that you also have to write and perform weddings.

We're here to take the headache out of the admin side for you, every day, all day.